The definition of coaching that guides my practice is simple: “A reliable process to help you get massive traction on your most important work.” (That's from Peter Bregman, my coauthor on the book, You CAN Change Other People: The Four Steps to Help Colleagues, Employees—Even Family—Up Their Game.)

My coaching process is described in detail in that book. If you resonate with the process, you and I might be a good fit.

My coaching philosophy is that growth occurs through taking new actions and paying attention to outcomes. Insights and understanding are valuable only to the extent that they lead to increased behavioral flexibility; given a new hypothesis, you design and carry out a new experiment and see what happens.

My scope is unusually broad in the world of executive coaching. We work not only on strategy and execution, but also on building your physical and emotional resilience. Both because you're a human being first, and a leader or manager second; and because health is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

Who I Work With (or is it Whom?)

One specialty of mine is preparing rising stars for senior levels: building a stellar team, showing up as a servant leader, and making increasingly tough decisions with wisdom and confidence. The higher you rise in your organization, the more you have to shift from doing the work to empowering your team to do the work. From making decisions based largely on the needs of your division to viewing your peers in other divisions as your “primary family.” From getting stuck in negative emotions to using them as guides to positive action.

A second specialty is guiding entrepreneurs to focus on vital tasks, build their physical and emotional resilience, and hire and empower a diverse and committed team. When you're building a venture, it can be devilishly hard to distinguish signal from noise, and limit your attention and energy to today's “vital few” when every issue is clamoring for your oh-so-divided attention. It's easy to push too hard for too long and diminish your capabilities or begin to burn out. And it's so challenging to let go of responsibilities and orchestrate the work of others rather than staying up until 1am every night to get it all done yourself.

How the Coaching is Structured

I charge a flat fee on a quarterly basis. My intention is to provide 10x the value of my fee. If at any point either of us feels that the coaching isn't doing that, it ends.

The engagement starts with me collecting 360 degree feedback from your stakeholders: supervisor, colleagues, direct reports, and even, if relevant, family members. That way we can be confident that we're working on the most important things, and have multiple perspectives to keep us tethered to external reality.

You may also begin to collect health and fitness data, depending on your state of health and your health goals.

Our sessions will be held via phone or Zoom. My goal is to help you achieve the outcomes we identify at the start of each quarter. We talk as often or as little, as long or as short, as you want. Typically I recommend beginning with weekly meetings of 45-60 minutes, to establish a cadence and make rapid and significant progress.

That said, I'm not a parking meter, so I don't charge by the hour. My goal is to help you achieve yours as efficiently as possible. There are weeks where we may not connect at all, and others where we might meet multiple times. If it's an emergency, or you need to talk during off hours, you will have access to my Signal account to send me a secure message, and I will call you back as soon as I'm available.

Want to chat and see if we're a good fit to work together? Book a 60-minute discovery conversation via the link below.

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